Private Label and bespoke packaging

We strongly believe that trust is the key to Private Label Partnerships. Tea and India partners with leading brands and businesses globally for a range of private label requirements. We excel in procuring and blending teas, flavours, tisanes, infusions, fruits, herbs, spices, leaves etc., and offering these in a wide range of packaging options. Our commitment to consistent quality and on-time delivery promises exponential growth to our partners.

We offer tea bags in all available formats such as Pyramid and Square Tea Bags, Double Chamber (Knotted and Stapled), Single Chamber Tea Bag with String and Tag, Single Chamber Pot Bags, Catering Pot Bags, etc. Most of these formats of tea bags can be packed in Heat-Sealable Metallised and Paper-Crimped envelopes. We offer packeted teas in liner carton packaging, ranging from 50 g to 1 kg. Other packing options available are tin caddies, pet jars, foil and plastic pouches, self-standing foil bags, wooden chestlets and more.



Blending Flavours 

The key to success in blending the finest teas lies undoubtedly in the art of selection and sourcing of teas, herbs and flavours. We blend single origin/multi-origin teas with exotic herbs, flowers, leaves, spices, and flavours sourced from the best suppliers in the world. 

Some of the most popular flowers and herbs we source include Hibiscus tea tisane , Chamomile, Slimming detox tea , Rose tea , ginger, lime, cardamom, and a host of flavours including, but not limited to, lemon and honey, strawberry, cranberry-apple, orange, Milk tea , pineapple, cinnamon and spiced tea.



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